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Vendor Collection and Assembly

We coordinate the receipt of multiple products, or multiple vendors.  The goods are received at our warehouse, checked, measured and a warehouse" oh-hand" report is generated for you.

Various shipping and receiving reports can be created and supplied as per your request.

You advise us what you want shipped and we assemble together and send either via ocean freight or airfreight, whichever you prefer.

Purchase Order Monitoring

We will monitor purchase order status with your vendors and keep you advised of status. Simply send us a copy of the purchase order as you place the order and we do the rest.

Customized reports are available to provide you with up the the minute information.

Large Cargo / Project Cargo Handling

Big is no problem for us.  Through our extensive contacts within the airfreight and seafreight industry, we have the capabilities to arrange transportation on

everything from a Cessna Citation to an Antonov 160.  From a Barge to a

400 TEU Charter Vessel.

Additionally, we provide custom container loading, blocking,bracing and pier

delivery of your containers.  Specialized chassis, trailers and containers can

be utilized when necessary.

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